31 August, 2011

Haircut hysterics - Take 2

So my son has stopped looking like he has a mop on his head. Mr Samoa said it looked like he was wearing a helmet! His sideburns were almost down to his jawline and his fringe was touching his eyebrows. That bad.

This is a post a wrote on my last blog. Looks like not much has changed. 

This was taken a month ago!!

Over the past few weeks, we have tried on a couple of occasions to get him to a barber. The first time, he would not put his foot across the doorway. The second time, he would only come inside the reception area and watch Mr Samoa getting his hair cut from a distance.

We talked about treats and chocolates and everything good. He said he didn't want a treat or chocolate if it meant getting his hair cut. "Later." he kept on saying. So on Saturday night, we took the plunge, and forced him to sit in a chair at home while Mr Samoa did his best to hack off his unruly hair and get it looking half-decent whilst listening to the harmonious sounds of his screams and sobs. Wonderful for a mother to hear. At least this time I didn't actually cry myself.

What the heck has gone wrong?

Once it was finished he got to go to the shop with Daddy to get his treat - a box of Pebbles. O how quickly the tears disappeared. Like they were never there.

I'm not loving what he looks like but at least we won't have to cut it for a while!


Rachel said...

Nate also considers haircuts to be torture. Last time, my husband held Nate still, pinned with his arms and legs, while I cut his hair really fast.

jacksta said...

funny the little fears they have. My boy had a great first experience with a nice patient lady and has done well ever since. Those first expereinces count for a lot!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Oh dear, I remember us chatting at the bloggy meet up about it! At least you did manage to get it cut, and well done for persevering. Hopefully over time a fear that will diminish or he will be able to better explain his fears so you can understand and help him through it.

He looks so grown up and peaceful in that last pic though!

tea said...

Good job! His hair looks good, and sometimes you just have to make them do it. Maybe now that he has had this one and got a treat, next time will be easier.

Cat said...

His hair looks fab :) my neighbour has similar experiences with her two boys !! !! Where as my lil man sits on the chair at the barber (cutting crew in New Lynn) and smiles the biggest smile ever as they groom his hair into a 'cool dude' cut LOL

Rebecca said...

My oldest boy had the same hairdresser issues too when he was little; "they're cutting off my earrrr!"