26 November, 2011

What's new?

Well I won't even start to try and excuse my lack of posts or bore you with any reasons for it.

I thought I'd just give you a quick list of what's new with me

1. I've started doing ZUMBA
And I'm LOVING it like crazy.
I want to do it more than once a day!!
It all started with me wanting to get back into dancing.
I started ballet when I was five and didn't stop dancing in some form or other until I was about 22.
But the logistics of getting to a dance class that actually suits my schedule...O and paying for them, just wasn't working.
Zumba's been the answer - hard enough steps to get my dance brain working and get fit at the same time! 
Bring on my Zumba tummy please.

2. It's voting day today here in NZ. 
Did quite a bit of to-ing and fro-ing as to who I would vote for and finally made a decision.
Now to get down to the polling booths!
Child health has been a biggie for me this election campaign. Can't believe we're the third lowest for child heath, mostly preventable stuff by the way, (on some list I have forgotten the name of, not in the whole world), just above Turkey and Mexico! Shocker.
Although I have been thinking this is down to the parents - because health services seem really accessable to me....even when Mr Samoa was a student and I was only working part time.

3.  Turbo has settled really well into kindergarten
and seems to have made his first proper friend.
His name is Peter. It's really cute. They do everything together. And his other (sometimes) friend's name is Gumadoo.
Such a cute name, especially when you hear it from a 3 year old!

4. I have been working much more regularly which is an answer to prayers.
The writing side of it is not going so well....and I was slightly gutted when my boss had to get someone more experienced to completely rewrite my story. Ouch. Wanted to cry.
Thoughts of "Am I really good at ANYTHING?!' entered my mind.
But we put those thoughts away. Just gotta suck it up and keep learning. You can't just be a good writer - it's all about finding the right angles and the WOW factor.
Harder than I thought it would be.

5. Almost finished the Incredible Years parenting course.
Next week is the last week. Week 14.
Yes, 14 weeks, not including breaking in the holidays.
It's been so good for us and we've learned so much.
Highly recommend it if you can find somewhere near your house that runs it.
I will miss the people we've met and shared our struggles with. 

6. Been loving the month of thanksgiving at our church.
I consider myself a pretty grateful person but during this month I realised how little attitudes had crept in.
"I deserve more"..."why can't he be like that..."
Just being thankful a little more really changed my day.
I woke up happier! Seriously.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, whatever you're doing.
Enjoy, and remember to be thankful, whatever the weather!


Little Gumnut said...

Lovely things happening in your world Penny! Sorry about the :( writing comment from your boss

jacksta said...

must try this Zumba thing everybody loves

Rebecca said...

Always lovely to hear your voice in bloggy world!!

Jules said...

The pic of two little superheroes at the end is very cute!

Lyns said...

Shivers of fear at the word Zumba. it looks so fun, but i am such an unco...but love that you are loving it.
Child healthcare in NZ needs a stronger control. When we lived elsewhere in Auckland we were paying$20 a visit for my under 5s. We could have travelled for longer to find a cheaper doctor, but it seemed that in that immediate area all the surgeries charged the same which I think is totally unjustified!!! Rant over ;)

Poppy Loves said...

Look at those 2 super heros! Brilliant. Poppy loves ;-)


dotm said...

Hey there Penny ! First comment LOL... you're an inspiration and I'm loving what I'm learning from you and your blog... and your life !