13 September, 2011

Rugby rugby rugby

I am loving having the Rugby World Cup on our doorstep!

I don't usually follow rugby very closely but at the moment, we tend to sit down each night and watch a match.
Mr Samoa is, of course, a little rugby mad.

He has taught Turbo to yell "Go Samoa" and can recognise the Samoan flag.
I told Mr Samoa he better get working on the New Zealand flag now. And to yell for the All Blacks please!
And maybe even South Africa, to honour my heritage...and although I feel only a very small amount of loyalty towards them, I still don't like it when they lose. Weird huh? 

Nanna thought the boys should get into the spirit so she kitted them out.
Don't they look cute?  


jacksta said...

Its certainly is a fun time at the moment ...I think I might have to look out for some all black teeshirts for the kids too

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Too cute! They look gorgeous!