11 September, 2011

Slow motion fall

There I was, at the park, coffee in hand, watching my beautiful boys on the Rocktopus (a funny octopus-looking piece of playground equipment).
Smiley, only 18 months old was insistent on getting on with his brother. I told him to hold on tight.
He did...for a while.

Then he decided to wave. He did it once, my heart stopped and I thought "I really should get him off now." Just as I was thinking this, he waved again, lost his balance and plummeted to the ground, hitting it face first. It looked like slow motion and I felt like I just stood there and let it happen, although I know it happened too fast for me to catch him.

Huge cries, wood chips in mouth, no blood.
The little man was white-faced and swollen-cheeked but ok.

He has a little black eye, and slightly red and swollen cheek.
I can't help thinking it could have been so much worse.

But I know why it's not.
Every single day I pray specifically that God would protect my boys against injury and falls.
Because, as my sister Sammy says, this is the first of many bruises and falls.
I can't stop them happening but I can pray that God will look after them in all their adventures. And he truly does.

And yes, I have learned my lesson. He really is too young for the Rocktopus! I'd rather have a tantrum than a hurt little boy.


Widge said...

awwwwwl I was wincing as I read along...poor wee man AND I so know YOUR pain!!
I have been petrified of slides ever since my youngest (around the same age as smiley is now) fell off one of those curly plastic "seemingly safe" slides they have in many Mcdonalds playgrounds. She flung right off and landed head first on the ground and I was actually AMAZED she didn't snap her neck the way she fell. SHUDDER! I was shaken for the rest of the day, she was fine and still loves slides...
yay God X

Lyns said...

So scary eh Penny. But yes God does protect our little ones. Hugs to you and Smiley x

Cat said...

Awwwww poor lil man and poor Mumma xxx

tea said...

Awww, I'm so glad he is okay and God kept him safe. ♥

Simoney said...

Make me wince and curl my toes. Where WAS that rocktopus, BTW?

Kymmie said...

Oh Penny, it's such a fine line between being a helicopter parent and neglectful.

I think it's good for them to have falls small enough for them to know this was out of their jurisdiction, but also give them the protection they need.

Oh, to find the perfect balance...

Great post. And yes, I ask for the same protection. xx