17 September, 2011

Worst pick up line ever!

There are certain parts of the city that I really don't like going to at night.

I was in this certain part a couple of months back and had an experience that just totally confirmed my dislike for the place.

This particular cafe actually gives me the creeps but I was meeting up with the person I was with for the first time so I didn't say anything.

Anyway, my friend and I saw this guy running across the road in a very strange fashion so we both laughed, and so did the guy behind us. Good-naturedly, I turned and smiled at him.

I really shouldn't have. Because he took this as his cue to talk to me. Sigh.

His dark hair was slicked back and his eyes were a little too eager. Not half bad looking if he just lost the SLEAZE

Him: You have lots of beauty spots
{said in an accent I can't quite place - Brazilian?}

Me: They're called freckles
{You idiot, I'm thinking, who would mistake freckles for beauty spots!}

Him: Where I come from, they're called beauty spots.
{He's grinning now}

Me: ......
{Silence, not quite sure how to answer}

Him: Can I try one?
{Sleezy grin in full force, trying to be cute I guess?!}

I turn away before he can see the revulsion on my face and don't turn back his way the whole night.

Never before have I had my freckles used as a pick up.

Have you had a really bad pick up line thrown at you? 
Do share! They make for a good laugh : )


jacksta said...

Most NZ never do pick up lines... they are so layed back they are practically horizontal.
You could take it as a compliment? And flash that big ol wedding ring...usually scares them off ;)

Little Gumnut said...

That sounds really creepy! I wonder how you 'try' a freckle!!!

Gail said...

What a shocker!!

Sammy said...

Ewww.... Still you can't hold it against him can you? He was stunned by your beauty and its not only Samoans who appreciate it, HA! Go you!

Simoney said...

hahaha that would be a foreigner alright! Kiwi blokes are just not that slick aka SLEEZY!!
beauty spots aye???

Jules said...

I once had a guy spin an elaborate story about mining diamonds in Africa then said something along the lines of "..but the diamonds are not as beautiful as your eyes"! Jeepers! Didn't work on me cos I was annoyed at believing the fascinating mining story which was all just part of the pick up line!

I heard one on a movie trailer recently - "How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice, hi I'm (insert name here)". haha