29 October, 2011

Running for a cause

I  should have blogged about this ages ago, BEFORE I actually did it. But anyway, it's not too late.

I have been running for the last few months, getting ready to run for a cause.

Mr Samoa and I did a 5km run this morning to raise money for the famine in the Horn of Africa. It was organised by our church in association with World Vision.

funrunWe were the only ones silly enough to push a stroller  - with 30kg of kids inside it!! But we trained as a team so we wanted to run as a team.

And we ran all the way, taking turns pushing our load. We got rained on heaps and I could even see raindrops stuck to my eyelashes!

My goal was to run all the way without stopping. And I did! Our time was 30 minutes, which I'm pretty pleased with....seeing as the last time I could actually go for a run was when I was 20!

And there were cameras there (ok, the footage will only be seen by our church but still!) and they wanted to interview us because of our awesome team effort. So I did - red-faced, sweaty, rained on hair. I will seriously hide in my seat if they play that.

So if anyone would like to sponsor me, the money will go straight to World Vision to help the people affected by the famine. Leave me a comment and I'll get in contact with you.

Otherwise, I hope you are having a great weekend!


Meghan at MNM's said...

Great effort Penny and team! Would love to sponsor you...you have my details xx

Rebecca said...

Well done Penny and fam...I will sponsor you too.

Little Gumnut said...

Wow, well done!!! That's awesome!

jacksta said...

well done Penny. Great team effort!

Gail said...

Well done you guys!! Have just put my sponsorship elsewhere for that run.... but want to support your effort too. FB message me. xx