26 October, 2011


{P.s. Please excuse the way this written. I have a bit of can't-be-bothered-itis when it comes to blogging at the moment, so I apologise!}

We had our nieces staying with us for a few days over the school holidays. This was the first time we've had them. Just because before this we've always been absolutley at capacity with our own kids.

So I had four kids in tow. Aged 1, 3, 6 and 8. It was good and it was also full on. Thankful Mr Samoa was on holiday too.

The whole theory that the older kids look after and entertain the younger is only slightly true. They do, for about 15 mins, and then they want to get on with playing games and doing things that THEY like doing.

We did lots with them, like feeding the ducks and going to the park. Niece 6 was like some kind of duck whisperer and somehow got to touch the baby swans without getting her hand bitten off. And then she spend most of her time with the geese instead of on the playground equipment.

We baked lots, partly to occupy them and partly because I was scared they would eat everything in the cupboards! On the first night I cooked my usual 500g mince thinking I could stretch it out. Niece 8 was still hungry and I had to make toasties afterwards. Ooops.

We also went on a train into the city to visit the viaduct and the fan zone and the boats. We got showered on a few times but nothing major. Mr Samoa ran into some ex-All Blacks and got a photo with Ian Jones. No idea who he is but I'm sure some of you will know.

(Yeeeehah about the All Blacks winning by the way! What an amazing game!)

Before I had kids, my plan was to have four. Since having kids, I'm not so sure that's for me anymore. We'll see. But it was fun to have them over. And of course I'd do it again.

I'm thankful I am able to be in their lives. And of course their parents are happy to return the favour so looking forward to some kid free time ahead!! 

How were your holidays?


Rebecca said...

Wahoo 4!! I just grate in carrot to bulk up our 500 grams of mince :)
Sounds like they had an awesome time with you guys!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Great effort with the expanded family...phew sounds tiring but fun! Here's to the favour being returned sometime for you two :-)

Widge said...

welcome to our world :) that's the exact age difference between all of mine!
you can doooooo it ;) 4 is awesome! sometimes

Jules said...

Sounds fun but I'd be exhausted too! Yay, your hubby meet Ian Jones, he used to be my all time fav All Black when I was younger!!