18 December, 2011

Review: DryNites Pyjama Pants

It's not often I do a review, but this was one that was too opportune to pass up.

It was at exactly the time I began to notice that Turbo (3) was starting to wake up with a dry nappy some mornings and I wanted to transition him out of nappies at night.

Whilst the whole completely dry at night thing still hasn't happened, having Dry Nites on as a backup has been a great experience.

They are so soft and easy to pull up and down, which is great when Turbo goes to toilet ten times before falling asleep...you know the stalling tactics I'm talking about.

Because of the excellent quality of DryNites, if Turbo wakes up dry, I simply re-use the DryNites and so while they may cost a little more than other brands, they are definitely worth it.

I did try some other brands of nappy pants/pulls ups after the DryNites, but they weren't as easy to pull up and down and the sides tore frequently. And they weren't as soft either.

I highly recommend DryNites as a discreet, easy and fail-proof way of protecting your mattress and blankets from accidents, and providing your little person a peaceful sleep without the worry of bed-wetting.

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Sammy said...

Thanks! Will be trying these as we are starting the process at night. VERY nervous!